Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Post Backpage Era...

Here we go...

So the other night as I was waking up in a cold sweat at 1am from falling asleep really early at 9pm--I started doing some late night work and saw that the ENTIRE the adult section of backpage is down due to censorship.

 As many of you might know that is how most independent sex workers find clients and vice versa; including yours truly. I have recently been seeing less people from there because I took a month off to deal with a personal family emergency--I also have my regulars who see me and worship me regularly--are LOYALLY and DEVOTED to serving me, I am grateful for them.  Otherwise I'd be shit out of luck like too many girls out there who are going to have to depend on a pimp or a third party (who takes a large percentage for themselves) to find clients. It is going to make things harder out there for sex workers, who are going to be more in the shadows marginalized more than ever. I started to get really bummed out and called up an old friend who has known be from ages ago--and he just told me that I shouldn't worry-I am boss and that I got this.

I got this...instead of being invisible--I am just going to go and do the opposite: be more visible.

I decided that since I have this blog/website/resources/drive/ambition to continue doing what I LOVE--because I do love being in charge; I will be revamping my website and my internet presence.

I want to do some videos; which I will advertise on social media!

I want to create a store to sell my garments for all my admirers to have a little piece of me to worship when they can't come worship me in person.

I will be taking more photos to share and sell.

Thus I will actually be advertising thru Instagram, doing Skype sessions, and NiteFlirt sessions more regularly!

I am still seeing clients and my contact information is still the same!

Mistress Caprice

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall/Winter 2016

I guess we skipped the autumnal changing of the leaves and went straight into winter! I hear it is snowing upstate...anyways pets I know it has been a while--I have had lots of trips this past year and I just wanted to update my schedule for this winter season. Now you know!

Fall/ Winter Schedule: AVAILABILITY

Monday-Saturday: 7am-Midnight
Sunday: extremely selective by appointment ONLY, when schedule allows

November 15-Dec 1st--I will be out of town and unavailable!
Schedule accordingly.

Remember I need to have at least a day's notice, confirmation by 9 am the day of, AND confirmation when you leave the house/arrive in my vicinity BEFORE I will give out the exact address. This is for my personal safety and how I keep my life in order. It is not negotiable.

I also wanted to share that I now own the domain mistresscaprice.com! not YesMistressCaprice.com or MistressCapriceNYC.com but the proper one! so exciting. I am looking for an awesome web designer to whip me up a new website and/or photographer to take new photos for me!

As always I am taking appointments via TEXT and email!

Mistress Caprice Fellini

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel A lot Like Christmas (not!)

I am have recently been asked by several people about the frequency of my blog posts...I know I used to be more chatty and friendly on here--I still like binge-
watching shows, but I just don't have time to SIT and write a long ass dissertation on a TV show anymore...I have taken up more hands on activities in my life that I am occupied with.  I am still available for sessions Mon-Saturday 7am until Midnight, and I still prefer at least a day's notice--but lately I've been getting very demanding calls and very little compensation...

I have also been changing my "look" so to speak, I cut my hair and dyed it a fire engine red...I think it is rather appropriate for my name-sake, don't you think?  In any case, I haven't had a proper photography session done in while and am seeking someone who has the proper equipment and space to do a nice photo session, maybe you need to fill out your portfolio or need a model for practice--please email me a link of your work to see if it is up to my standards...

Seriously kids--you can't expect something that requires the expertise and educational level of a surgeon and expect a 100 whore to do it...good luck with that urethral insertion!  All I am saying is you get what you pay for...you want and need x, y, z but don't bother to ask me what I demand; I doubt I will give them an appointment.  What you all have to remember is that there is only one of me, and a million of you--vying and begging for my attention.

Goddess Caprice

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Update: Amazon wishlist and a PHOTO page

I have just updated my Amazon wishlist and would love to invite all of my admirers from afar to check it out and make a Mistress happy by spoiling her with some of her favorite things...from new equipment to new outfits and shoes--Here is the link where you can show your appreciation:

I also posted a photos page with some of my favorite photos of the last couple years and some new ones from a couple months ago--I am looking for photographers who are willing to shoot me, I have a very particular style I am looking for so please send a link of your portfolio with your reply to:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Word of the Week: Consent


noun: consent; plural noun: consents
  1. 1.
    permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.
    "no change may be made without the consent of all the partners"
verb: consent; 3rd person present: consents; past tense: consented; past participle:consented; gerund or present participle: consenting
  1. 1.
    give permission for something to happen.
    "he consented to a search by a detective"
    synonyms:agree to, assent to, yield to, give in to, submit to; More
    • agree to do something.
      "he had consented to serve on the panel"

In the past year I feel that the awareness CONSENT has come to be a national debate or topic in many arenas, not just only politically but also within the BDSM community and the swinger community.  In my home state of California, last year the state passed a law that makes ANY sexual contact that is NOT consented to an act of rape. In popular culture, that disgustingly, terribly written Twilight Fanfiction series 50 Shades (I REFUSE to treat this grammatically like a book, since it is SWILL, aside from their disgusting take on BDSM it is HORRIBLY written), has brought the topic of BDSM to the national spotlight and one of the main critiques of the series is the lack of consent the sub character is given.  I really don't want to go further dissecting this book etc, as it has been done to death and I despise how this book rapes the English language and exploits BDSM and whitewashes it.


My experience in the swinger community or play parties etc. is that there have always been very clear guidelines regarding consent.  Many people are often scared or intimidated about going to adult play parties because they somehow feel like it is going to be a free for all--I had these same reservations and misgivings about some Caligula style orgy but at the same time a little insecure because I didn't want to seem like a prude if I didn't want to do something with someone who wasn't sexy to me.  The thought of someone I didn't find attractive trying to get sexual with me is very disturbing.  ULTIMATELY, I learned that there are very clear and strict guidelines and if hosts and attendees of these parties do not ENFORCE INFORMED EXPRESSED consent then you were not allowed to attend, and warned that you will be expelled and banned if you violated the cardinal rule of consent. Now after attending dozens of parties, I know the GOOD SAFE and FUN ones have CONSENT DISCLAIMERS--which specifically state that you MUST ask before approaching, touching, ANYTHING--yet still encourage people to be friendly and decent to one another.  After all you are there to have fun, get sexy and try things you haven't done before with multiple people.

Sexually I feel that when I agree and say yes to someone who respects me enough to ask--I know it sounds silly to say it because so much of language is body language, but a verbalization of someone's desire is a huge turn on. I like it when that desire is expressed, just kissing someone and throwing them on the bed is not going to do it, and for the record I have never allowed anyone to throw me anywhere without me verbally expressing my desire for them.  I actually demand sexual attention, so my consent and desire is expressed, and I wait until that person gives me their consent before proceeding further. Even something as simple as a kiss feels special when someone asks for permission. Last year my friend tried kissing me on his birthday, but he did it by asking for a birthday kiss--very drunk so I refused because I feel like drunk people are consent impaired.  If someone is not in their right mind their consent and trust is NULL and void.  It loses its sexy when something is not consensual...not all parties have agreed ...it feels like you are forcing someone to be with you, that's not sexy, seriously...NOT SEXY, it's sexual assault/ rape...as the sober person it is up to you to say NO when the other person has NO control of themselves.

The Moral Dilemma of Being (Not Being) in Charge:

In sessions I often have this moral dilemma as lots of the power play resides in doing things are might be un-consensual and risky but the consensual part is the thrill of not being in control.  The appeal of this is very powerful, to not be able to control a situation is central in a primal existential part of ourselves.  If you didn't have control of yourself you'd feel like you were in a dream, or going crazy.  It is an integral part of being to be in who you are, egos are very much about control.  I am going to use one of my favorite examples...The Matrix. (You all know about Neo so I don't have to explain, and if you don't know then you need to be slapped--you don't have to LIKE the Matrix movies, you just gotta know this ONE film, OK? ). Control is parallel to the several levels of reality Neo experiences in The Matrix, when he is first taken out of the Matrix he realizes that all the "control" he thought he had inside was all simulated, not real all fake and programmed to keep him sedated and sleeping but he comes to realize that ultimately he is in control thus he can control the Matrix.  The mind will always find a way to be in control, it is how human beings are Masters of the Universe, whatever our mind can create that is what the universe is.  It is a big responsibility to be in control thus being out of control has a very powerful appeal. It is also the burden of existence, to constantly be in control is exhausting and it is why we sleep and dream--we need to allow a part of ourselves to be out of control.  It is also why fantasies are so powerful, you imagine them in their idealized way that are sometimes so specific and perfect that every element is something you control even as you are fantasizing about being out of control.

Consent & Trust= Power Exchange

Consent and trust play a very important part of my life.  I do very much enjoy and cherish those who allow me a plethora of Dominance and control over them. It is what makes me happy in being a Domme that subs consent to My control, and ultimately their trust. I make it a point to respect personal boundaries and HARD limits--I do not cross that threshold of someone's individual control because I feel it would violate their consent and that individual's trust.  I love pushing some limits but that person has consented to allow me that.  This is pivotal in power exchange. If that is what you want--of course in more extreme cases where people want to submit fully and give up all control, with no limits--I believe to give up full control of one's self takes giving up one's self...you lose your identity or learn to compartmentalize it real well, in the style of MK-Ultra you have been abused and broken down so badly that you suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder and can split off yourself and bury your identity to allow someone else to decide for you who you are.  That's actually kind of intriguing in a morbid way, if I had a 24/7 slave would I want to create a clean slate in order to make them whatever I want--very powerful popular fantasy that one...(notice FANTASY...maybe an upcoming post of the Short List).

What actually inspired this blog post was someone asking me for a session where I tie them up, strip them naked, and make them stand somewhere semi-public where he might be seen and not be able to do anything about it.  While he has granted consent and wants this to happen, the people who might see him have not consented, and since that bothers me, I cannot consent to the session.  While people might be used to seeing things they don't particularly want to see,  I would consider his unwarranted public nudity sexual harassment/assault, the lack of consent in a sex act of a third party that is OUT of MY control is something I ultimately cannot consent to because it is out of my control.  Call me crazy but I have logically worked it out and it violates my morality of consent.  But if two grown adults come to an agreement about something as complicated as exchanging control and trust then I am open to do many things most people wouldn't consent to doing to someone else.  It is my consent to be in charge that gives me power, you can't force someone to be in control, that's just silly...

What are your thoughts on consent? DO you feel Consent is SEXY?

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Songs to Hurt to...

In case you didn't know, I am kind of a music nerd.  I collect records, and spend countless hours listening to music and breaking down the lyrics, enjoying the magic--to me it is a huge part of my life.  I often find songs that are very sexy, sultry and kinky--great for sessions, but more importantly have contributed to the auditory aspect of why I love BDSM.  Growing up when I'd watch Madonna perform and see the power she had owning her sexuality, it inspired me--try being a girl on the edge of puberty when this video came along...

Not only is she pulling all the stops with her platinum blonde curls and the smoky eye shadow, but she is definitely at her sexiest...she isn't too muscular, she is also at the PRIME of her career...everyone would talk about the risks she took, but how daring and bold she was--it left a very deep impression about female sexuality and power.  Justify My Love was coming from a place of indulgence in one's perversions, kinks and fetishes.  The entire video features her in playing a call girl through a "seedy" hotel where she walks by through different scenes happening--some cross dressing, threesomes, voyeurism, etc...is all happening.  The tempo and sexy sultry way in which she sings the chorus...while the rest of the song is more told than sung.

"Wanting, needing, waiting
 For you to justify my love
Yearning, burning
For you to justify my love"

So she goes through the entire teasing the hot tall dark and handsome type, and it seems that she leaves before she actually does anything with him...

Monday, February 02, 2015

The Short List: Abandonment & Kidnapping

The short list is an ongoing list of kinky things I haven't done or tried but would love to try sometime--I have gotten my fill of things that I enjoy, and have recently found a morbid pleasure in doing things that challenge me or are personal fears.  It is a very intimate and personal type of session but since I haven't written in a while, I have a lot of pent up creativity backing up.  I often get asked what kind of things I enjoy--and I enjoy A LOT, but there is a list of things that I have never tried, so I don't know if I enjoy it or not, but I am curious and self aware to know that it is those kind of experiences that show you what you are made of and you learn more about yourself.  Whether its dark and taboo or humiliating and demeaning, there is a part of us that craves that antithesis of who we define ourselves as.
I have on several occasions done some of the more edge/extreme sessions such as breath play, cutting, extreme enemas, sounds--although it has it been a while, but I have yet to try an abandonment scene.  It is not often that I am curious about trying something, but this one is a personal fear--so the thought of leaving someone unsupervised is also a safety hazard.  I acknowledge the danger of this kind of session, but because I am afraid of this happening to me, I think I would be more conscientious about the dangers of this more than someone who doesn't take it as seriously. 
I would really like to tie someone up for an indeterminate amount of time, come and go as I please--they will be blindfolded, tied up spread eagle, for as long as I want.  I will leave and not give you any clue as to when I will be back, but you do know that if you piss or shit yourself--I will hurt you and punish you--in the worst ways--they ways that push your limits.  I could only imagine the suspense that would build up inside not knowing what was happening, where you were, when you would be getting out of here.  What if you were never let go?  What if you were kidnapped, mentally broken down, abandoned and forgotten by the rest of the world, and then sold off into slavery?  What if!?--You don't know what my intentions are, when I will let you go?  What if I never come back?  You might starve, or even worse be willing to chew off your own tongue to survive?
When I finally do show up, you are relieved, but also scared because you do not know what to anticipate.  I might be very nice and sensual--tease you, while you lay there helpless...or I might be feeling cruel and sadistic--where I take your body and turn it into a slab of meat for me to poke and prod however I like for however long I want to shred you into nothingness...
And the real twist is that you don't know when I might end, or under what conditions--its the not knowing and being out of control that is scary but also a turn on to completely let go of any power.  Or maybe I've been watching too much Game of Thrones--like where Theon Greyjoy is reduced to reek by Ramsay Bolton.
It is funny I just realized that the current plot line on Scandal, is one where Olivia Pope, the protagonist super femme gladiator was kidnapped, and kept completely in the dark about why she was abducted.  Her captors keep her fed, in clean conditions, but she just doesn't have ANY possible way of knowing anything about her situation aside from what is slowly being revealed to her through her hallucinations, dreams, and being Olivia Pope.  She is the kind of character that is powerful and strong willed--and will do anything in her power to keep her identity and sanity intact in order to save the day.  She reminds me a bit of myself in certain alpha characteristics, so I guess that I must have subconsciously identified with her, and then inversely found the kidnapping/abandonment scenario captivating.  
I always find it interesting when I find root causes of fetishes, or curiosities; it allows me to analyze and inspect myself and my motives and further remain in control of myself--what can I say I am pathologically Dominant...