Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bruised, Scraped Up and Broken

I love riding my bicycle. But man it is rough out there! The other day I got crowded out of the road, hit the sidewalk and I lost control of my bike and went flying into the air. Landed on my face, broke my fancy pair of Chanel sunglasses, my legs bruised up and scraped, along with the palm of my hand.

I still love riding my bike, but I need to heal first, I even have a black eye...

For some strange reason I find it highly erotic and masochistic that my bike injuries are very sexy to me. I think that my black eye and bruises are just a testament to how much I love riding my bike. Its like a passion like no other...I just gotta wear a helmet and gloves next time.

Make-Up Less and Black, Blue and Yellow

Leg Worship Anyone? Wanna make the boo boos go away?

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