Sunday, May 29, 2011

Of Love and Haters...

I seriously get lots of guys who are not into my looks. That's fine, I don't care--everyone is allowed to have the things that appeal to them and that do it for them and if I am not it...that is cool. Its very much a person's right to NOT be into me .

BUT its not COOL to hate on someone just for it...

I just had someone tell me I was ugly--fair enough...based on the picture of me post bike crash? not fair...but whatever.

Seconds later this slave from Australia wrote me the following:

"I am glad your legs are better after coming of your bike. The world is a better place with your legs able to be worshiped :)"

Its nice to know there are good people out there admiring, showing love and concern, even if they don't know me good positive affirmations are always welcome and very much appreciated. They drown out the noise of the hate.

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