Friday, June 17, 2011

Humiliation and Depilation

Last month I did a session with an ugly slut who likes to be shaved and ashamed...

First I shaved his legs, arms, back, etc. Then trimmed his pubes into a heart...then bleached them...then dyed them pink.

I put his sissy prissy ass in some lingerie and a wig--even tried to put lipstick on this bitch but she is still too fucking ugly.

look at that tiny weiner! Haha!!!!


  1. you emasculated him. that's all that counts in his mind and yours. you'd be surprised how many men would pay for oral service from this ugly slut. just a chance for you Goddess to pick up a few well earned extra bucks for actually doing exactly what this pig fantasizes about.just put him/her in a pair of pantyhose and heels, tie his hands behind his back,cock slap him till he is on bended knee and then supervise the Bukkake.