Friday, November 18, 2011

Please Let Me Get What I Want...

For a while now I have been wanting to meet "the one..." and ironically enough I do not want to meet a Dominant man to cuckold all you losers with but a generous loyal cuckold hubby.  I can't help it!  I find total loyalty and devotion to be the most hottest thing ever--coupled with the erotic betrayal that is cuckolding--it utterly delicious to think of the emotional and mental torture that I impose upon him.  Cuckolding is something that I have always been into, I am and always want to sleep with other people...I enjoy new lovers and new experiences: the novelty of a fresh new lover never gets old because I get bored of the same dick easily...its why I have only had one long term relationship.

My one long term relationship was about a decade ago to a guy 12 years older than I.  He was into some kinky things like cross dressing, threesomes, openly bisexual--I found his slutty nature attractive and he was a thin, tall and handsome man.  But he had the unfortunate fate of having a small penis...which I found to be the biggest turn off ever.  From that moment on I led him on the ride of his life--I molded him into my cuckold from date two where in a threesome with another guy I was dating at the time joined us, and had only one condom and the guy with the biggest cock got to fuck me while I made the one with the smaller cock watch.
I did this to him for years...made him fall desperately in love with me.

Then I left him one day, no goodbye...just abandoned him.  For very valid personal reasons, but mostly due to the fact that he thought he could be a "MAN" in a female led relationship.  NO thanks sir, from day one I want the one to know that I am in charge.  If you want to be with me forever, you will be my cuckold slave forever. That's that, you get no say ever again...

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