Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nostalgia for the Record Store Days

I decided to Netflix this documentary "I Need That Record!" which is about the demise of the independent record stores across the country in the last decade.  I am an ex-record store employee and was for a decade, so the movie made me miss my old job. I was so spoiled by working there, I have so many amazing records I am currently cataloging in order to make my record shopping experience easier and more efficient, that way I don't buy doubles, or replace scratched copies. Being collector sometimes you forget what you have when you have over 500 LPs/7"/12" singles, what version you have, what print and whether the condition of the record or the cover might be replaced by a better one.

I know this is one of my more nerdier blogs but record collecting is a passion. I moved to the East Coast almost 2 years ago from the Bay Area and my record collection is a must have, cannot live without part of my life.  I live to collect vinyl, and see bands--share music and good times with friends.  I miss being able to get any record I wanted at 30% off...getting tickets to shows, discovering local music and being into my friends' bands.

:Le sigh:

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