Monday, November 19, 2012

Back on the Radar

Hello worms,

I hoped you all missed me as much as you write to tell me, so I am happy to announce that I am back to doing tributed sessions of all flavors and tastes, please feel free to contact me (see info to your right)-to discuss a session.

All sessions must be planned 24 hours in advance. 
My availability is good and flexible, all I ask is you respect my time--I will not tolerate flakes and last minute cancellations.
I prefer longer more intense sessions with people who want to see someone regularly in order to develop a real D/s dynamic.

Now the story...
I often get many negative comments on being a Dominatrix for hire.  Simply put those who are married and committed to someone else, are not able to serve me on a personal level--therefore I do see those who are in commitment so to speak to see me for a tribute worthy of my time.  I do have personal slaves and subs who serve me, but I am very selective about who I allow to serve me in that capacity--you must be single, generous and giving in nature, you do not expect anything in return--you just feel good serving a strong and powerful Domme. 

I am not currently looking for any personal slave positions.

Mistress Caprice Fellini

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