Monday, February 25, 2013

Some Clarifications about Professional Domination...

I have had these issues lately, so I have had a couple issues that I need to vent about/clarify...

Strap-on/Anal play: is a personal thing that I PERSONALLY love and enjoy doing to someone I WANT to do it to. Its not something you can buy or pay extra to do in a session. It cannot be demanded--sorry its not on the menu.  It is also a hygiene and body type--I have to FIND you sexy and appealing as a human being to do anything anal, enema, insertion related. Legally this is where Dommes get into trouble...strap-on play (or any penetration) is considered sex and thus makes a kinky pegging Domme a hooker in the cross-eyed view of the law.  Here is why I have my personal rules...I can't sit in front of a judge an argue that I am not a whore when I am being paid for a sexual act. Hence, I conclude to just not do strap on with anyone I wouldn't do it with if you want to PAY for strap on--please look elsewhere.

Prostitution vs. Professional Dominatrix:
Dommes are not prostitutes just because they are asking for a monetary tribute for their time and services...ultimately if you are a true submissive you are tributing because you enjoy making a Dominant woman happy.  Personally, I need some sort of commitment/tribute/gesture of devotion--from being a personal slave (application coming soon), in sessions or in a LTR committed 24/7 servitude.  You have to offer me something~there is nothing worse than a married sub who doesn't want to tribute or give anything in return for the attention they want.  Remember this is a POWER exchange--you surrender control, I take control--if you want emotional and personal distance and separation from me in your daily life--YOU will have to tribute something--I don't get your devotion 100% then you are not ever going to be a personal slave.

Nudity/Bare Ass Face Sitting:
There is also the worry about STD/STIs--I don't know that I trust someone who is demanding to orally worship me; I am sorry but I have done some pretty awesome facesitting sessions in panties.  I am not going to allow someone to put their MOUTH (one of the DIRTIEST places in the entire body) onto my vagina.  I don't KNOW where you have been! Nor do you know what ANY person has--so if you have a habit of seeing multiple Dommes for these kind of sessions that allow you oral contact or any kind of fluid exchange--you are just a GERM FACTORY and I have to wear touch you--let alone allow you that kind of "access" to my body. NO way, you MAY kiss my ass--but you are not EATING it.

Boundaries, Respect and Trust:
I feel that being a Pro Domme is me taking full advantage of what I was born with.  I am a Goddess--I am 32, look younger than I am, feel younger than I am...I'm single, cool, hot, and sexy.  I have amazing legs and ass--I have curves to spare, but they are in the right places. I have fun when I session--I don't anything unless its fun for me--that's the best part!  I play amazing music during my session you can only find on vinyl or a promotional CD I have from my days at the record store. I enjoy what I do and I want you to enjoy it too, but there is NO amount of money that is going to make me extend my boundaries and my PROFESSIONAL limits--this is a boundary--if you don't RESPECT my boundaries, then how can you expect me to respect and trust me when I don't want to do what you DEMAND.  It ruins the power exchange.  I am sure there are a million girls who do things I do not, but DO not try to impose other people's standards and practices on me.

My body, my mind, MY rules.

Mistress Caprice

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