Thursday, February 21, 2013

Your Own Personal Jesus

hi bitches,

just wanted to check in and let you all know about a couple things...

I will no longer be going to California this year--I know MANY of you really wanted to book a session while I was out there, but I had to make a very important decision for myself...

I had to move from Bushwick, which was getting too popular and overcome with Williamburg hipster rejects, to beautiful and quiet Bed-Stuy.  I have a lovely studio and no longer have roommates! Cannot wait to get you boys in here to clean and serve!

I also got as a silly housewarming gift to myself a novelty Jesus magnet set where you dress him up in various BDSM outfits as he is hanging on the cross...

I know its a bit taboo, but if Jesus does love me, then he won't mind if I love him back by dressing him up.

I think I will post a different outfit each week:

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