Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Madness UPDATE

How is everyone? Can you believe its March already?  Its insane how fast this year is going by!?

I see that alot of you have been checking out my photos, I try to post new ones more often, I always have MORE photos from photosets, but if you ever want more photos--I do sell sets of hi res photos.  

I see I have new fans from all over the US and the world, please feel free to check out my blog: yesmistresscaprice.blogspot.com

I am working with several photographers at the moment to get some professional sets out in the coming months, but in the mean time, I am taking snapshots and posting them on my Twitter: https://twitter.com/CapriceFellini

I have a weekly project I am having lots of fun with which is a Jesus magnet with BDSM accessories...its a bit offensive, but I love my Jesus just the WAY he is...

I am also continuing my series of Favorite Cuckolds; including Spencer Tracy, Robert Baratheon (Game of Thrones 03-31-13 bitches...), and more.

Finally I am still doing sessions in Brooklyn, Professionally and for a tribute--but I am also working on a slave application--this is for a HIGHLY coveted personal slave position, which will have very strict requirements to weed out those who are not serious about serving full time.  This might lead to a Long Term Female Led Relationship, with Yours Truly.

Mistress Caprice

YIM: mistresscapricenyc

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