Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Favorite Cuckold: Spencer Tracy

One of my favorite Hollywood couples was the genius pairing of Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.  I have taken a while to write this due to my great admiration for Spencer Tracy, he is without a doubt one of the best "actors" ever to grace the silver screen--he is effortless, natural skill that he applies to a character is as if he shows up and transforms into who this person he is portraying.  In part the reason he is great is because he was seamless at his craft, you can't see where he and the character he portrays begins and ends. Katherine learned and greatly admired this man to the point you can consider their relationship to be that of a Master and an apprentice. She definitely learned how to hide the edges well between art and life,  and in many of their films they are paired up well because they play well off each other in their timing and their expressions, their play on words.  Pinky vs. Pinkie as they like to lovingly call one another...

These two had the best chemistry on and off the screen but one of my favorite films of their's is Adam's Rib (1949)--in which Hepburn and Tracy are a happily married couple Amanda and Adam Bonner. Adam is given a crime of passion type murder case as a prosecutor, and she chose to represent the defendant to prove a point about the disparity of treatment in the justice system between men and women. He believes all murder is wrong-and that no person has the right to take a life. no matter what the reasons are--it is unjustified. Pinky vs. Pinkie in the courtroom ensues (as they like to lovingly call one another) and it starts to affect their personal relationship in a major way.

Of course when a marriage is struggling to see eye to eye on a major issue such as the morality of murder against the importance of women's rights, it doesn't help that Kip, the smooth composer bachelor type neighbor has shown Amanda a bit of interest, he even wrote her a song entitled after her--and Adam is jealous and hurt that she took the case.

Their back and forth intertwining the case and their marriage and the hint of cuckolding--infidelity is seen as this taboo tantamount to murder.  Its not put in those terms but the tongue in cheek and blatant displays of Adam being cuckolded and emasculated--his resistance on the basis that as a White Male, makes him such a great cuckold, he gets all cute and pissy.  I am glad he is too moral to murder anyone but this film does highlight adultery in a way that appealed to me even as a kid growing up.

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