Friday, May 17, 2013

What do Brooks Saddles, Sheer Granny Panties and Queen have in common?

My love for them...seriously--if they say a picture is worth a thousand words--I am going to explain how this self "portrait" I am always asked about , actually came about being...

The Brooks & Ass (2010)
I am sure that many of you have seen this photo and/or have been asking about it. I have to say it is one of my favorite snapshots I took that year.  I took this as an ode to my favorite singer of all time: Freddie Mercury; if you don't KNOW the connection...its the cover of Queen's Bicycle Race b/ Fat Bottom Girls 12" single cover.

Queen Bicycle Race b/ Fat Bottomed Girls

This is one of my favorite Queen songs, and I am a huge cycling fan but the curvy girl and iconic photo always stuck out in my head as something that would look really cool.  I wanted to not copy the photo completely, I wanted to remind people of this amazing band-this awesome song, but more importantly it was something I took for AIDS Awareness Month (December)--in case you don't know--Freddie Mercury died of AIDS in 1991.  I grew up on his music, and all his songs were just magical--his voice, his presence--were pivotal in creating a love of music in me that inspires me and creates a catharsis every time I listen.  Freddie was the first person that made me realize AIDS was real, and not just because he was gay but because he was someone I had idolized growing up.  What happens when your Gods die?  I miss Freddie all the time--I wonder what kind of music he would be doing and what kind of shows he would be putting on.  I wonder what the world would have been like--and it would be nice if people would get tested REGULARLY no matter what and really talked about this with their partners--it can happen to anyone--it happened to Freddie and I grew up thinking he was a music God.

The panties--I wore a tiny little thong underneath a sheer granny panty--what can I say I thought the layers would add visual lines reminiscent of the original since I did not want to copy the tiny short look of the original.  I am also a huge fan of doing facesitting/smothering sessions in that thong/panty set up.

The Bike & Saddle: I love my bicycle--and I love going on LONG bike rides and if the seat is not comfortable then it just hurts to ride--you are sore for days and you don't want to ride because the seat sucks.  I invested in a Brooks Saddle because they make them by hand the same way they did in the 1800s. I love my Brooks--I will never buy or ride a different brand of saddle.  If you are looking for an amazing story of things done right and kept right see the story of Brooks Saddles below:

  I just got a second bicycle so I bought a BLUE (yes they make them in cool bright colors) saddle for my Bianchi and put the black saddle onto my new bike that I was gifted by a loyal and devoted sub who builds bikes.

"Get on your bikes and ride"...

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