Monday, July 29, 2013

Female Dominance WILL Change the World

I read the Elle Magazine horoscopes every week, because I find it helpful if I know which way the stars are moving and changing the energy in the world.  We know astrology is not a science, but I know for a fact we are all made of stars--supernovas. I know that moon has the ability to affect the tides and my menstruation cycle follows a lunar pattern.  If I know I am made of collapsed star, and something as small as the moon affect me, then how can I deny the Universe that power to be bigger than me, its everything--so I believe the stars and the sun have an influence on me, and my life. 

So the horoscope mentions that today is the Grand Sextile:

Grand Sextile 7/29/2013

"Monday, July 29 features an incredibly rare aspect known as a Grand Sextile. It’s essentially a six-pointed star, or hexagram, comprised of seven planets that form harmonious angles (trines and sextiles) to each other. This synergistic seven are all in “feminine” (earth or water) signs. Many astrologers view this as the moment our culture will take a step toward embracing feminine principles."

Grand Sextile of Jesus

As someone who is interested in Female Dominance and gender identity I think it is interesting that today would be the day this energy is in tune to the feminine elements (earth and water) as opposed to the masculine ones (air and fire) as a Sagittarius-- I am very much a fire sign.  I think that if we are really entering an age where our culture is going to embrace principles of compassion and peace, rather than intolerance and war: then today is a good day.  Coincidentally, Jesus was born on a a similarly in tuned day.

What if someone born today is going to be the next "Messiah" or is the step towards a different world; maybe somewhere someone who is like Jesus is being born, who is going to change things?

I think that women make better leaders because we are more compassionate and have stronger survival skills.  Men are physically more strong, but women have a higher pain tolerance, we are more resourceful, we know how to budget, we are less impulsive.  We are physically more "fragile" so we are have had to develop our other abilities more acutely to deal with this "weakness".  If you haven't seen the news lately, women are showing that we can do it better than you can--and men are starting to like it.  I typically do not prescribe to the gender binary, the article talks about the elements as polarized aspects. That's not to say someone who is by assigned gender male, cannot be a compassionate and peaceful leader, but it is our patriarchal societal understanding and upbringing that keeps pushing an uber macho attitude about masculinity onto men. 

Let the Change begin! 

This morning I saw that the new Pope Francis, who seems to be a compassionate and peaceful man who is trying to rid the Catholic church of political and financial corruption and is focusing on using his influence to help the poor.  I grew up Catholic, and this is the first time I have felt good about what I was taught--most of it didn't stick, but it did leave that sense of punishment and discipline for your actions they tend to inculcate.  It is nice to see someone take a stand and really break the status quo of their position. I know I might not agree with him on everything but this is very important: the Pope is going against the Catholic Church...but not against his beliefs and what the Bible teaches and they preach.  

  I hope this is that feminine influence the stars are talking about, and hopefully women start to take control of things before we burn this world and kill each other. I mean if you know me, you know I am a devout agnostic who believes that philosophy and science are going to give us answers to our questions. It is nice to see something different from the Catholic church, they have good numbers--even if one person changes their mind about gays because the Pope is compassionate--that alone is totally worth this.

Its the kind of thing that can change lives, and save some...

That's my Female Supremacist rant for today...

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