Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Word of the Day: Cuckold

cuck·old (kkld, kk-)
A man married to an unfaithful wife.
tr.v. cuck·old·ed, cuck·old·ing, cuck·olds
To make a cuckold of.
[Middle English cokewald, from Anglo-Norman *cucuald, from cucu, the cuckoo, from Vulgar Latin *cucclus, from Latin cuclus.]
Word History: The allusion to the cuckoo on which the word cuckold is based may not be appreciated by those unfamiliar with the nesting habits of certain varieties of this bird. The female of some Old World cuckoos lays its eggs in the nests of other birds, leaving them to be cared for by the resident nesters. This parasitic tendency has given the female bird a figurative reputation for unfaithfulness as well. Hence in Old French we find the word cucuault, composed of cocu, "cuckoo, cuckold," and the pejorative suffix -ald and used to designate a husband whose wife has wandered afield like the female cuckoo. An earlier assumed form of the Old French word was borrowed into Middle English by way of Anglo-Norman. Middle English cokewold, the ancestor of Modern English cuckold, is first recorded in a work written around 1250.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

As many of you know, I am into cuckolding.  I don't think I have EVER been faithful one day in my life.  That's not to say I have never been in love, or have had a long term relationship.  I was in love with a cuckold and we were together almost five years.  I have learned a lot of about what it means to be in this kind of relationship, and know the difference between the fantasy and the reality.
Love Will Tear Us Apart
He was bisexual and very kinky and effeminate, I will refer to him as "s-"for sub.  He also had a small cock, and the complex to go along with it.  I remember on our first date we went to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) at a preview. Which has a lot of small penis jokes, and lots of trans/gay humor and great rock music.  Our second date was perfect for what I was looking for; a cuckold.  I had been dating someone really kinky, bi and Dominant (refer to him as "D-") was into cool music and really influenced alot of my dark experimental music phase in the early 2000s.  He and I used to just fuck around and play alot, he was fun--had a nice cock and everything. I had made a date with s-, the cuckold to go see a movie, and D- had stopped by my work to ask me out for for a bite after I got off.  I thought I couldn't time this more perfectly, I decided to test s- out by asking D- to join us.  We ended up watching some movie I can't remember, but I do remember being in the middle of both of them, holding D-s hand and kissing him, while s- watched, then teasing s- by squeezing his upper thigh to see how much he was liking what was happening--all I can say is s- might have had a small cock, but it was ROCK hard.  I kept playing that game through the movie, and we went out to dinner afterwards, we had some drinks, and let the sexual tension build.  I made s- pay for dinner, because that is what a cuckold must do--take care of their Superiors.
We drove to D-'s apartment, and we played a card game, and listened to some Foetus, Coil--I then decided that I was going to play the "only one condom game"--since there was only ONE condom--only the biggest cock would get to fuck me, and the smallest  cock would have to serve both of us. Needless to say I think D- had a great time, and s- fell in love with me.  The dynamic of our relationship would consist of unsatisfactory tries at vanilla sex on s-'s part because he would try to please me like a Dominant.  In his head he felt I was forcing him to be submissive.  I was young and didn't particularly have ANY experience with BDSM formally; so I was playing with fire.
I cheated on him whenever I could find someone willing to have a threesome with us, and/or have s- just watch, but he started getting jealous--and I didn't care.  If he loves me, he will do as I say.  I told him I was never going to be a one man woman, from DAY ONE--remember date two. I was crazy about s-, I was in love--and our love was fueled in this chaos.  I made demands, and he met them because I asked.  He would enjoy our encounters, but then would have a bottom drop a few days later and get upset about being submissive, and about society's pressure on him to be "a man".  He was starting to accuse me of cheating, even when I was not--I'd go out to clubs with my girlfriends, or parties or shows without him because he was 12 years older than me--so he was tired and not into the "scene".
Love is not enough--in the end he just couldn't handle it, and the relationship just collapsed.  He couldn't submit truly--his ego got the best of him, even though he enjoyed, and pursued these things when he was horny and submissive from being denied sex.  He wasn't a sub, but he was a cuckold--he was the one who introduced me to the term before it was even popular like TEN years ago~!  One day, I decided to just leave and moved out and never saw him again--cuckolding in a relationship is a sensual form of emotional abuse.  Its humiliating and it takes someone's love and puts it to a primal test.  We tend to be territorial beings, and there is something very emasculating about your partner being with someone else.  Yet, the taboo behind this is what makes it erotic.  That connection is important, and that bond that a couple in love has is part of what makes cuckolding really erotic and extreme for me.  I love to see that emotional twinge of mixed emotions, part is repulsed by the thought of seeing me with someone else, and the other part is turned on by the same idea--don't you want the woman you love to be pleased as she should?
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? or just Turning Japanese?
The dynamics in this type of relationship are complex, but there are many of you out there who fantasize about being cuckolded.  I personally prefer the submissive cuckold for a relationship, and a bull who is a bisexual switch--or a flexible Dominant who has no problem with the cuckold dynamic.  This is a cuckold boyfriend who has feelings and an intense intimacy developed in a real relationship, there is an emotional connection
Then there is a cuckold fantasy, where you want to PRETEND you are my cuckold and be used by me and a bull.  You want to be humiliated, degraded, made to watch/ clean, be used and abused by a couple.  Its all the visual, the treatment, but none of the substantive abuse--its a ROLE PLAY fantasy.
There are the ignorance is bliss cuckolds who don't want to know the details, they want that tension of denial--they like the sneaking around--and "unknowingly" eat creampies, etc.  The like the mysterious aspect of being a cheated on, but to them knowing the details would ruin the effect.
The Sissy Slut Cuckold--my favorite type of cuck.  LOVES the female role reversal of being used by her Mistress and bull, is fully aware of the role and activities sissy will endure, from fluffing, getting fucked, cleaning up, serving, and being our slave to use.  Feminized and wants to participate as a sissy because they enjoy losing control and they thrive on the humiliation of being used for amusement and service. 
The Hung Cuckold:  This cuckold is rare, he has the penis and physique of a man, but the psyche of a submissive. A hung and talented lover he can be if he is of a more Dominant/switch temperment, or useless as a man if he is a real submissive (even with an impressive cock), who only wants to be used and fucked--but not ever going to be turned on enough to penetrate anyone Superior. He can't he is too submissive for words---actually he is PATHETIC. 
Interracial Cuckold: Loves big black cock--loves watching his wife take it from a bbc, is only into bbc and is a size queen himself.  It is also a white cuck who thinks someone of another race is Superior and will ONLY serve a Mistress of a certain race--this is something I am personally NOT into, but to each their own.
the list keeps going...as you can imagine.
but there is a difference between a cuckold relationship and a cuckold fantasy roleplay--those take time--I don't have a bull on call to come over who is down to use you at the drop of a hat. Those kind of sessions require intense scheduling and planning--so if you want to book this type of session or want this kind of play--you MUST be realistic and realize that the tribute will be higher, you will pay for hotel, dinner, drinks for me and my bull, you will have to also give me a deposit so I make the time and put in the effort towards the session.  

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