Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Word of the Day: Smother

smoth·er  (smr)
v. smoth·eredsmoth·er·ingsmoth·ers
a. To suffocate (another).
b. To deprive (a fire) of the oxygen necessary for combustion.
2. To conceal, suppress, or hide: Management smothered the true facts of the case. We smothered our indignation and pressed onward.
3. To cover thickly: smother chicken in sauce.
4. To lavish a surfeit of a given emotion on (someone): The grandparents smothered the child with affection.
a. To suffocate.
b. To be extinguished.
2. To be concealed or suppressed.
3. To be surfeited with an emotion.
Something, such as a dense cloud of smoke or dust, that smothers or tends to smother.

My favorite weapon of choice...
You may or may not know about my penchant for smothering and face is one of my specialties...

How could it not be...have you seen my luscious ass?  If not look up and check out the picture above.
There is something so intense about smothering someone by sitting on control their breath but its also an assertion of my feminine power.  As you have seen a couple weeks ago I did some breath play ala mummification.  This is more breathplay ala sitting on someone's face, pantied of course.  Bare ass is fun but not everyone is worthy of that divine experience. 

 But what's interesting about smothering is also scent play--if you are a musky scented woman like I am, then slaves tend to fall under my spell as soon as they are my victim, trying to breathe through a small space between my legs and the panties...if they can get any breath at all--whatever air you can breathe is my womanly aroma, this is also a tease for many of you since you can't touch it, and worship it--but you are affected by it.

There is also the dehumanizing and objectifying aspect to being used as a chair.  I like to straddle a slave's face and check my e-mail, read my messages or skim a book or magazine sometimes...part of the fun also is forgetting there is a human there that you are using to sit on.  I find that the most awesome sessions have been those where someone is my seat and not anything else...

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