Friday, September 13, 2013

Word of the Day: Feminization

fem·i·nize  (fm-nz)
tr.v. fem·i·nized, fem·i·niz·ing, fem·i·niz·es
1. To give a feminine appearance or character to.
2. To cause (a male) to assume feminine characteristics.

femi·ni·zation (-n-zshn) n.

The emasculation of a man by attributing to him feminine characteristics and/or appearances has always been a fascination of mine. As I have written about my obsession with drag culture, to the sessions that I love to do and the types of play I enjoy in session, and I have noticed that many of the sessions I do have some element of feminization to them.  I blatantly will dress a sub as a sissy or a slut, treat them like a cheap little trick, call them names, and objectify them as REAL women are every day. For example,  I enjoy chastity but one of my favorite perks is that it forces the wearer to sit down to pee, like girls do.  I think that the extra humiliation of having to be emasculated by giving up control of your cock/manhood is one thing then to attribute a feminine quality is just the icing on the cake as keyholder.

I enjoy the gender role reversal, the treatment of men as a sissy is a good parallel to that treatment that is so prevalent in porn--from being forced, tied up, beaten and fucked against one's will.  Its nice to turn the tables on a ubermasculine man, who needs to be taught that experience and taken down to what women experience and are treated like or how men usually treat them on a daily basis.  The power in feminization is that is plays upon the social gender roles we play into, girls do this, boys do that.  It is slowly changing and there are a lot of progressive mothers out there that let their sons be a sissy and express themselves in a healthy open manner. In the past if you were a feminine boy--you were a girl or gay. Why is the feminine seen as a sign of weakness?

The true paradox comes from the fact that you are seeing a Dominant woman for this kind of treatment, and the taboo reversal of gender roles is what makes this kind of play appealing because you are subverting the power dynamics as well as taking on the appearance and characteristics of the opposite gender.  As humans we tend to seek out what we are told isn't right or what we should not do...(you are bad aren't you?)

The giving up of power and control is always powerful as a submissive, but in terms of being a "man" who is an alpha type in real life, who constantly has to keep it together, be in control, make all the important decisions--those type of restraints can get to you.  Its nice to adopt the feminine physical appearance because it makes giving up control more plausible as you transform into the female archetype.  This is the beautiful part of being feminized--is that surrendering of oneself via being emasculated, giving up control, and power--knowing that relief of not being the alpha in this situation.  That can be a huge weight lifted off one's shoulders, one that is all encompassing and overwhelming at times. Being a sissy, serving, and worshiping as a strong Goddess tells you to, having her transform you into a girl--whether its her dressing you up in frilly pink clothes, or a French maid costume, or just randomly playing dress up with you as if you were her little doll to play is all up to her.

So when are you going to let Mistress play dress up with you?


  1. Your blog is great Mistress I loved this one the most so far cause I have a desire to be forced fem. Please keep this great blog going..

    1. MIstress Caprice, You have a great site, and a very useful blog. Love Your definitions especially. i agree with the definition of feminisation as far as it goes. It is definitely about gender role reversal for me, being seduced, captivated, controlled and forced to being the receptacle. Depending on where exactly Your studio is, i would be willing to travel to Brooklyn for a 1-3 hour session, in which You would have Your way with me, You could be demanding, insistent and i - even though i may cry and wimper - would understand that i would have to obey and comply. i am a tall, strong, hetero man in my vanilla life, but that would not matter once You were driving the session; i would be for You, as weak as a Fellini character, and i would take my medicine and swallow it too. There is a nice review of You on mfisch. If You are interested in taking this further, reply to that review, and You will definitely hear further directly from this whore.

    2. If you are interested in scheduling a session, e-mail me directly at: or TEXT me at 347-766-9782.