Sunday, October 27, 2013

R.I.P Lou Reed

I just found out that not an hour ago, Lou Reed is dead...

I really do not know how to express how mad I am that I did not take the opportunity to see him live when I had the chance...fuck!

He was a total rock hero, and innovator.  Had one of the most notorious voices, full of an emotionally monotony that carried a certain passionate apathy, it expresses our modern condition: we care too much to show you we care...the lyrics told you what you really needed to hear and the music tells you what to feel.  He wrote a lot about drugs, sex and S&M...ironically he died on a "Sunday Morning", and I have played this album on nice Sunday mornings like today because it is a really great way to wake up...

Rest in peace, you music genius...

"Sunday Morning" Velvet Underground

"Venus in Furs"

"Sweet Jane"

"Perfect Day"

"Walk on the Wild Side"

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