Saturday, March 01, 2014

Beware the Ides of March...

Brrrrr! It is still cold and it's MARCH already. I really am really hoping we are at least in the 50s by the time April comes around...

So I have been super busy with some self improvement projects and many fun sessions most of you wish you could have with me...

I am also clarifying a couple things concerning PROFESSIONAL appointments and just etiquette in general.

I TEXT or if you are verbose or do not own a cell phone, you can EMAIL. I can see the words, there is NO misunderstanding--its there in black and white, and you can communicate MORE clearly and efficiently.

So if you really NEED to talk about your session at length you can now book a NITEFLIRT session with me for $2.49 a minute--we can discuss anything as long as you realize that chatting in length about a session is going to cost you.

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BDSM is not can be part of your sexuality and preferences but its MORE than that...

I am not here for your entertainment or satisfaction: BDSM is not about those things.  I am here for POWER EXCHANGE and to offer a good kink experience for both people.  Your role as sub/slaves are to submit to me, and as a Dominant I take control and you do as I say.  I am a compassionate and rational person--I respect limits and know what I am doing--I will never put someone's life at risk or cause irreparable damage. I also don't HARM or cause injuries a sub wants for stupid self-loathing reasons, if you hate yourself that much, do it yourself--don't ask me to do the dirty work, just because you don't have the balls to hurt yourself.  I am not here for that.

This is the difference between a the dynamics in BDSM and in the vanilla world--men get horny and just want to bust a nut.  As soon as they cum they want to sleep.  If they are exceptional (or on Viagra or Cialis) they won't go to sleep but keep going a couple more times...THE END.

In BDSM the focus is to have that interchange of power:  the submissive has the need to subjugate themselves to the will of the Dominant, to them that is satisfactory, more stimulating, pleasurable and satisfying than sex.  It can be sexual in nature but that is not the focus--the power dynamics are the focus.  It is hard for me as a Domme to cater to someone who approaches me with a laundry list of what they WANT. What they expect--otherwise they aren't wasting their time if I don't "offer these services".  I didn't realize that I offered any service...I didn't realize that I was here like Burger King to have it done your way.  I am the Queen with the crown, you're the one who should be catering to things being done MY way.

Time is money...

RESPECT MY TIME.  My hours are everyday 9am to 9pm--you can text me anytime before midnight, to book a session for the NEXT day.  I do not like doing same day/last minute sessions--so book AHEAD of time.

If you make an appointment, keep it--I know its scary, but I could used my time for something better than waiting for you to never show up--being a flake is immediate grounds for being exiled and ignored by someone--so if you make an appointment--keep it.

An appointment with a Professional Dominant should be treated like an appointment like any other professional, you confirm--you follow protocol and respect that time.  Like any other professional I will charge you for a missed session, that is IF I choose to even see you or take you seriously.

The End.

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