Thursday, April 10, 2014

Aww where did the pictures go?

I have gotten a couple disturbing messages about the misuse of my photos--I can handle guys masturbating to them, and all that mess--but someone has been using my photos on Fetlife to pose ME as a submissive in the UK, to being used in other people's profiles. Have you ever had to fill out a DMCA form in order to PROVE my photos were mine? Its rather tedious and being exploited like that just kind of doesn't justify posting my photos.

I am sorry but I can't post my FREE jerkoff material any longer.

I now will be selling my photosets on Niteflirt for $25 for 5 and hopefully getting some NEW photos done soon.

I am at least 25 lbs thinner--I do like being a bigger girl and eating whatever I want, but its hard to ride a bike when you are UNHEALTHY--so all the photos I did have up are old anyways--besides its MY skills you are after right?

Anyone who is SERIOUS about seeing me has to just get over it and come see me in person!

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