Saturday, November 29, 2014

Word of the Week: Protocol

noun: protocol
  1. 1.
    the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions.
    "protocol forbids the prince from making any public statement in his defense"
    • the accepted or established code of procedure or behavior in any group, organization, or situation.
      "what is the protocol at a conference if one's neighbor dozes off during the speeches?"
      synonyms:etiquette, conventions, formalities, customs, rules of conduct,procedureritual, accepted behavior, propriety, proprieties, one's Ps and Qs, decorumgood form, the done thing, the thing to do,punctilio
      "a stickler for protocol"
      a set of rules governing the exchange or transmission of data between devices.
      plural noun: protocols
  2. 2.
    the original draft of a diplomatic document, especially of the terms of a treaty agreed to in conference and signed by the parties.
    "the two countries signed a protocol"
    • an amendment or addition to a treaty or convention.
      "a protocol to the treaty allowed for this Danish referendum"
  3. 3.
    a formal or official record of scientific experimental observations.
    • a procedure for carrying out a scientific experiment or a course of medical treatment.
late Middle English (denoting the original record of an agreement, forming the legal authority for future dealings relating to it): from Old French prothocole, via medieval Latin from Greek prōtokollon ‘first page, flyleaf,’ from prōtos ‘first’ + kolla ‘glue.’ Sense 1 derives from French protocole, the collection of set forms of etiquette to be observed by the French head of state, and the name of the government department responsible for this (in the 19th century).

 I cannot believe how long it has been since I gave a vocabulary lesson, but as some of you have not been following My PROTOCOL then I guess I have to DEFINE it for you.  I have OFTEN gotten these last minute demands for a session.

It goes something along the lines of "I WANT"...

First off--I am in charge--what YOU want is secondary to what I am willing to do...  Giving me a demand like "I want" is against how I do things and disrespectful...It makes you sound like a consumer buying a hamburger out of a drive-thru window, like a bratty snotty kid that wants their mommy to give them what they want or they will throw a tantrum... NO. This isn't Burger King where you can have it YOUR way.  My session, My rules, My Protocols.

Instead try expressing yourself in a more respectful manner.  Try a PROPER introduction, such as:

"Hi Mistress Caprice.  I am slave x. I am interested in x,y,z.  I would like to see you for this kind of session, do you offer it?"

I have many protocols in place.

1. Text Protocol:
I prefer to text, as I have ALWAYS noticed that most people who insist on TALKING never actually come through...90% of them just want to chat and do not schedule a session--and sometimes I am in public with friends, mid-session or riding my bike, so trying to talk to me about your session is not feasible. Text is also a clearer form of communication when PROPER English is used.  I do not text or talk about a session in detail or discuss anything that might be illegal or sexual in nature. If you cannot text, then send me e-mail, but I understand some of the married men are fearful of the data cloud and having their significant other find out, I do try to answer when I can, but I want it BRIEF, and to the point... I will briefly say hi on the phone if you need to confirm I am a woman--that is NOT a problem when asked nicely and respectfully

2. Message Protocol:
Our text/call interaction should simply consist of:
-your interests, your limits, your availability--how long the session is, how much tribute is, where I am located etc. Logistical and direct communication--no chit chat, no bullshit--just get to the POINT--if you want to talk like a 1-900 number you can call my Niteflirt number--shoot me an email, we will set it up.

3. Confirmation Protocol:
On the morning of our agreed session, I ask that you confirm your appointment usually by 9am--as that is when I schedule out my day.  I will accommodate a same day session, whenever the person follows protocol, and time allows.  If I plan out my day, make plans etc, contacting me for a session with only an hour's notice is very unrealistic and disrespectful--I don't live to work--I work to live...

4. Safety Protocol:
I do not give out the exact address of my studio until you are IN THE AREA, CLOSE TO THE TIME YOUR SESSION BEGINS.  I give you the nearest cross streets once you have confirmed your session as directed in #3.

5. Courtesy Protocol:
You've arrive and are heading over.  Please DO NOT ever wear any cologne or aftershave as it makes me sick...I have a scent allergy and that AXE body spray or Dolce and Gabbana cologne does a number on my stomach and on my nasal passages. Be CLEAN and come UNSCENTED.
In my studio, remove your shoes as soon as you enter. I do not allow shoes from the outside world into my apartment--the streets are disgusting and I do not want dog shit/NYC street bacteria on the floors many people eat from.  You will sit down and we will DISCUSS any concern, detail, aspect of your session. Once we are in agreement we will begin.

I hope this clears up what a PROTOCOL is and why I ask for certain things...I also see it as a test of who is REALLY interested in seeing me with a submissive intention of following and doing as they are told.  I do not need the rule breakers who want things done their way--I am a Dominatrix, not a girl who is willing to do what you want for money--there is a HUGE difference. My world, My rules.

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