Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel A lot Like Christmas (not!)

I am have recently been asked by several people about the frequency of my blog posts...I know I used to be more chatty and friendly on here--I still like binge-
watching shows, but I just don't have time to SIT and write a long ass dissertation on a TV show anymore...I have taken up more hands on activities in my life that I am occupied with.  I am still available for sessions Mon-Saturday 7am until Midnight, and I still prefer at least a day's notice--but lately I've been getting very demanding calls and very little compensation...

I have also been changing my "look" so to speak, I cut my hair and dyed it a fire engine red...I think it is rather appropriate for my name-sake, don't you think?  In any case, I haven't had a proper photography session done in while and am seeking someone who has the proper equipment and space to do a nice photo session, maybe you need to fill out your portfolio or need a model for practice--please email me a link of your work to see if it is up to my standards...

Seriously kids--you can't expect something that requires the expertise and educational level of a surgeon and expect a 100 whore to do it...good luck with that urethral insertion!  All I am saying is you get what you pay want and need x, y, z but don't bother to ask me what I demand; I doubt I will give them an appointment.  What you all have to remember is that there is only one of me, and a million of you--vying and begging for my attention.

Goddess Caprice

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