Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Post Backpage Era...

Here we go...

So the other night as I was waking up in a cold sweat at 1am from falling asleep really early at 9pm--I started doing some late night work and saw that the ENTIRE the adult section of backpage is down due to censorship.

 As many of you might know that is how most independent sex workers find clients and vice versa; including yours truly. I have recently been seeing less people from there because I took a month off to deal with a personal family emergency--I also have my regulars who see me and worship me regularly--are LOYALLY and DEVOTED to serving me, I am grateful for them.  Otherwise I'd be shit out of luck like too many girls out there who are going to have to depend on a pimp or a third party (who takes a large percentage for themselves) to find clients. It is going to make things harder out there for sex workers, who are going to be more in the shadows marginalized more than ever. I started to get really bummed out and called up an old friend who has known be from ages ago--and he just told me that I shouldn't worry-I am boss and that I got this.

I got this...instead of being invisible--I am just going to go and do the opposite: be more visible.

I decided that since I have this blog/website/resources/drive/ambition to continue doing what I LOVE--because I do love being in charge; I will be revamping my website and my internet presence.

I want to do some videos; which I will advertise on social media!

I want to create a store to sell my garments for all my admirers to have a little piece of me to worship when they can't come worship me in person.

I will be taking more photos to share and sell.

Thus I will actually be advertising thru Instagram, doing Skype sessions, and NiteFlirt sessions more regularly!

I am still seeing clients and my contact information is still the same!

Mistress Caprice

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