Thursday, May 11, 2017

Even your Goddess is HUMAN...

Hi pets,

I just got word today that I am going to need some surgery--soon. I might have ovarian cancer--but they won't know for sure until they open me up and check--so for the next couple of months I will at least be recovering from major surgery. I will need all the love and support you losers can muster. I will not be able to do sessions for a while--so any tributes you can send to help me out would be appreciated.


please keep me in your prayers--I hope it's just removing my angry right ovary, and it's cancer free--and recovering for 6 weeks...but it's still a big deal.

My current availability until surgery (in the next couple weeks)  is very limited to mostly foot/leg/shoe worship or house slave training sessions. Nothing strenuous or physical. Schedule appointments at least a day ahead of time via text.

Mistress Caprice

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