Spring 2019 Update

I know it has been a while since I have really taken this website seriously, and posted anything worthwhile.

Things have been changing and I am streamlining yet expanding my web presence in order to maximize its full potential. Technology and social interactions have moved away from blogs and more into stories, pictures, and vlogs, over the next couple of month I will be transitioning into:

Use this form to Schedule an appointment for a session.

If you want to chat/talk in detail about your fantasies and dreams you have about me then contact me on Niteflirt

I am always posting teasers on my Instagram account, so head on over and follow me there!

If I build up the following there then a onlyfans.com or patreon.com account would be worth while--which would allow me the freedom to post more risque/adult content under a paid/monthly platform that you contribute to in order to allow me to keep being a Goddess.

As always I have an amazon wishlist for you to send me a token of your admiration even from a far.

Goddess Caprice Fellini


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