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Lesson : Boundaries and Mutual Respect

 I try to be a graceful and professional Goddess...but sometimes a potential client shows me why I have to communicate my boundaries and what I expect from anyone wanting to book a session with me. I expect for submissives to serve me and for the focus of the session to be on what I/them mutually enjoy, within the parameters and limits each of us has laid out and for those boundaries to be respected.   My boundaries include-- -- Mutual Masking (during COVID-19 masks are a must!) If you are vaccinated or in line for vaccination, we can discuss this on a case by case basis dependent on the session...although I prefer to keep my mask on. -- Sex & Nudity:  I do not get naked. submissives get naked. CFNM is a turn on for me, I enjoy being dressed up while you are vulnerable and exposed. Face sitting happens with panties on--I like this as a form of breath play and scent play. I am not interested in an oral sex my face sitting sessions are about my motives NOT your fantasies t

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