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Summer Update!

 Hello pets and admirers from afar, I know it has been a while but some things are about to change for the better. My living situation is going to be one that will allow me to return to being able to be worshipped and adored in person. The roommate is moving out July 1st,  and thus I can host sessions at my loft in Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy. My hours will expand to include more after-hours and weekend availability. For now, it's still weekdays until 6ish--but there is a light at the end of he tunnel. I can't wait to torture and tease you soon! Text me: 347-766-9782 or email me: to book an appointment for a future session. Goddess Caprice Fellini
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Happy New Year!

Hi worms, I know it's been a while but I am still selectively hosting sessions as I have been working in a different industry for the past six months. It started off as a temp job but it's turning to be more of a full-time possibly permanent position. I work from home,  have some sense of autonomy, and can still host and do sessions. My schedule is currently by appointment ONLY: preferably sessions Mon-Friday 9am - 6pm. My roommate will be out of town Feb 15th-20th so if you have been wanting a session, this is an opportunity to worship and adore me, or suffer under me. email or text me to book an appointment. Cruelly, Goddess Caprice Fellini

Memorial Day Weekend! UPDATE

 Hey, it's OFFICIALLY! Memorial Day weekend!  This means it is the START of the summer and sweatier Mistress bike riding ass one of you losers could be under, being breathlessly gasping for breath, smothered...I could use some eager mouths to clean my dirty sweaty feet, or for one of you to clean my bathroom dressed as a sissy bitch boy.  I am available this weekend starting today Friday 5/27 until Monday 5/30 to host sessions here in my Brooklyn loft a bit later than I usually can when the roommate is around.  Mistress Caprice Fellini // Goddess Caprice Fellini

April Schedule & Availability Updates!

I've been using the Available Now function on my Eros profile to indicate when I am available for same day sessions. I am usually available Monday thru Friday 9 am to 6 pm.  I just got confirmation that my roommate will be out of town the last two weekends of April and Memorial Day Weekend. 04/23 & 04/24 04/30 & 05/01 05/26 to 05/30 The evenings should open up as his partner returns mid-month.  All sessions now require a DEPOSIT of $50 Via PayPal or Cash App--too many chatty Charlies and not enough paying Petes. (except for my regulars because they are loyal minions who show up and can be counted on, they have earned it).

April Tributes

I have been an Independent Professional Dominatrix and Fetishist going on over a decade, hosting sessions in my studio when I first started to my current spacious LOFT. My hours are 9 to 6pm Monday thru Friday for in-call sessions. I do share the space with my male roommate, he works a 9-5 Monday- Friday making my availability contingent on when he is home. This was the best solution when the pandemic first hit a couple of years ago--I couldn't advertise, I was working actual jobs and even dealing with post-cancer monitoring.   He is often out of town or at his gfs so after 4/15 my availability will open up... ***Raise the TRIBUTE! I have kept my tribute at $200, if  you are going to be doing basic tame sessions that don't involve extras--for over a decade. It's 2022--there is inflation, and my experience, hosting, and so much that I bring to the table that I must raise my tribute for all new clients from today on... $300 an hour  $200 for half hour I will also REQUIRE a de

March Madness brings April Tribute Raises.

 If you haven't taken advantage of my March Madness sale, I suggest you do... Starting April 1st, tribute rates will be going up for NEW CLIENTS. $200 will be the base rate for any session up to 30 minutes. $300 an hour add a $150 for every half hour after that. The raise in tribute prices is to offset the costs of advertising on Eros guide, raising cost of electricity,  rent, supplies and the fact I have not raised prices in over TEN years!  Inflation going up 7% coupled with the slow dwindling of clients after my ovarian cancer battle (2017-2022), has not made the past years easy, and I do not make this decision lightly. REGULARS: For my LOYAL regulars, who have been with me since the beginning or have seen me through the pandemic in the past TWO years--the current rate is grandfathered in as they say.  I cannot express my appreciation for your loyalty and support during the past couple years of madness--thus this does not apply to you. Which is why I suggest NO matter who you ar

March Madness SALE!

As many of you know I have been doing this Independent Pro Domme things for almost a decade now. It's been a rough couple of years, and I hope that before the world ends that you enjoy yourself and let your freak flags fly, have as much fun, and get your yayas out. If you session with me in the month of March or make a non-refundable deposit of $50 for a future session--I will lock in the March Madness price! 1 hour sessions are $150 half hour sessions are $100 Come celebrate International Women's Month Deadpool style, get tied up, maybe do some facesitting.  I would love to have my way with as many of you and I demand that you come to keep me company.  Book a session. Imagine if the world were to end tomorrow? What did you even live for? I know I lived a really fun and exciting life full of BDSM, music, and bicycle rides. Goddess Caprice  p.s.  tribute will be going up in April so take advantage of the sale NOW!