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Sex Work is REAL work.

MONDAY is International Day to End Violence of Sex Workers Dec 17th. I deleted all of my previous posts, as I have not really updated anything in a couple of years. Yes, I am still doing sessions, but mostly from loyal and devoted regulars. I am self censoring to talk about something... I want to bring to light the FOSTA/SESTA laws which were created to censor the internet in order to stop sex traffickers from exploiting people. It does NONE of it, it does the opposite. It drives sex work underground and makes it more dangerous.  It will bring back the days of pimps, and street workers.  It is already censoring the internet--Backpage, Craigslist, and recently Tumblr. I have been very fortunate and privileged to have wealthy and well off regulars to take care of me the last couple of years but I am a white passing Latina with a good education who identifies as a cis woman.  I am not a marginalized voice in the sex worker world...I try to keep my voice down so others can sp


No touching yourself until I say so, OK? lol