Sex Work is REAL work.

MONDAY is International Day to End Violence of Sex Workers Dec 17th.

I deleted all of my previous posts, as I have not really updated anything in a couple of years.

Yes, I am still doing sessions, but mostly from loyal and devoted regulars.

I am self censoring to talk about something...

I want to bring to light the FOSTA/SESTA laws which were created to censor the internet in order to stop sex traffickers from exploiting people.

It does NONE of it, it does the opposite.

It drives sex work underground and makes it more dangerous.  It will bring back the days of pimps, and street workers.  It is already censoring the internet--Backpage, Craigslist, and recently Tumblr.

I have been very fortunate and privileged to have wealthy and well off regulars to take care of me the last couple of years but I am a white passing Latina with a good education who identifies as a cis woman.  I am not a marginalized voice in the sex worker world...I try to keep my voice down so others can speak about their experiences, but I have been more than quiet, I have been silent.

I am not using my privilege to help those who are hurt by these laws.  It cuts into your clientele, and it doesn't allow you to be your own boss, because you no longer have an accessible, affordable and simple venue to promote yourself.  If I ever saw something suspect on these platforms I flagged it, there were times where it looked like the girl in the photo was not happy or look like she had consented, looked too young, or just got a bad vibe from the grammar or wording of an ad.  I would flag it, rather be safe than sorry.  Sex trafficking and child porn is very prominent in the internet and these platforms do facilitate it, but it doesn't mean that it will go away just because you criminalized sex work.  It just pushes people doing shady things into darker crevices of the internet or do it the old fashioned way.

These dark places used to have a window, and now there is nothing.  There is NO way to see inside the sex trafficking trade because it has been driven underground in the dark web, where anything can be bought and traded.  There are no flaggers who know how to spot when something is off, and tip local authorities on something suspect.  Sex workers can self-regulate,as we are hyper aware of what to look for because we know that you are on your own when it comes to the law.  Now the sex trade is more prohibitive and harder to get thus making it more expensive and more profitable for the traffickers.  The law is making the people it is suppose to help in worse situations and making more money for those it is supposed to stop.

Worse is that the law is never on our side.  Sex workers are scared to report crimes and speak to the authorities because sex work is criminalized.  It shouldn't be illegal for a consenting adult to do what they want with their time and their sovereign body.  Why is it better to be a burnt out retail worker who is miserable than a happy Dominatrix who does what she pleases and has time to do the things she loves?

Well that is what I have been up to, censored and putting my work on some platform where I can make a living.  I have been driven underground and have to adapt, as so you.

Stay Tuned, Wake Up, and Obey.

Goddess Caprice Fellini


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