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The Autumnal Changes are upon us!

Soon Daylight Savings will make our days shorter, and our nights of course longer as the weather grows cold, I am going to be sessioning more often as I will be more available as I spend more time indoors. I have moved to a better place in Clinton Hill, which is a shared space with a small dog--take that into consideration when booking. While I can keep him at bay while we session, he is not going to be taken out of the house while we session...he is Prince of the Castle. I am the Queen, and thus it is decreed that my dog occupies a higher place than any of you cretins. Fall Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9:00 am - Midnight by appointment only. Text: 347-766-9782 Protocol I expect confirmation by 9am the morning of the appointment. I will give you directions to where I am located in (Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, N.Y.). Then you can plan your trip here via Google . Once you are in the area near the agreed upon time, you can text me for an exact address (I don't