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PROTOCOL: Appointments


  • Consider what you are LOOKING FOR and who I am--and what I offer. 
  • You contact me: 
    • Name & Age
    • What kind of session you seek
    • Basic information regarding your interests.
    • Limits you want pushed, and HARD limits
    • Your availability, and time frame of session.

DURING:  TEXT 347-766-9782 or email


I ask that you book a session at least a day in advance.
 I require confirmation by 9am the day of, where I will give you cross streets.

Be clean when you arrive (you are also able to shower before or after the session. Bring your own toiletries if needed.) BUT no cologne/perfume/fake scents--I have an allergy and it is unacceptable.

Once you are in the neighborhood you will confirm via text, then I will give you the address & buzzer number.  Once you are in my building, go to the elevator where it will take you to my floor, then to the left down the hallway. 

You arrive at my door, TEXT so that my dog can be crated and distracted so as not bark and jump on you.  He may be small but it's annoying.  

I will open the door, greet you, and you will enter. Put the tribute on the table and we can discuss your session for a bit or just go into it once the door is closed.

Mistress Caprice Fellini


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