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Lesson : Boundaries and Mutual Respect

 I try to be a graceful and professional Goddess...but sometimes a potential client shows me why I have to communicate my boundaries and what I expect from anyone wanting to book a session with me. I expect for submissives to serve me and for the focus of the session to be on what I/them mutually enjoy, within the parameters and limits each of us has laid out and for those boundaries to be respected.   My boundaries include-- -- Mutual Masking (during COVID-19 masks are a must!) If you are vaccinated or in line for vaccination, we can discuss this on a case by case basis dependent on the session...although I prefer to keep my mask on. -- Sex & Nudity:  I do not get naked. submissives get naked. CFNM is a turn on for me, I enjoy being dressed up while you are vulnerable and exposed. Face sitting happens with panties on--I like this as a form of breath play and scent play. I am not interested in an oral sex my face sitting sessions are about my motives NOT your fantasies t

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

I will be having super open availability for sessions while my roommate is out of town visiting his family; December 23-27th & 30 January-Jan 3rd... I can do sessions 24/7 and on the weekends. So extended sessions especially sessions in the evening are now available during this time only! As always you can book a session by sending an email  or texting: 347-766-9782  As many of you know Instagram has become another example of how FOSTA/SESTA is affecting the internet by censoring anyone daring to be sexual on the internet.  I am going to be switching back to blogging more and doing videos on platforms like Only Fans, Niteflirt, etc. I am also pursuing crafty things like sewing and making resin jewelry and selling it on Etsy--I am becoming more comfortable with selling things on the internet. My OF will be fun! I will be putting the sexy posts of my IG and compiling them in one place with flirty little descriptions and teasers. My PPV will be me doing stripteases and virtual sessio

Fall/Winter Sessions & Availability update

 Hi slaves and wanna be subs, Looking forward to a post Trump era!  I am now available Mon-Friday (9am-6pm) and I am accepting same day-sessions-- you must text 347-766-9782 and go thru my vetting process,  --I will be trying (sometimes I am busy and am just not if I don't get back to you, then TRY booking a session--it's hit or miss!) as my roommate has returned to work for the foreseeable future.   I am only seeing ONE client a day and insisting on masks. My weekday night & weekend availability is OPEN by appointment only! so please book your session ahead of time. Goddess Caprice Fellini

Back in Business with COVID-19 guidelines

 I am coming back to session, but very carefully.  I know rates in NYC are finally down, but we should still be careful.  My current schedule is: Monday-Friday: after 6:30pm Saturday and Sunday: all day -I am only seeing ONE person per day.  This is so I can clean and sanitize the space we play in.   -REQUIRING MASKS & Gloves--the entire session, both of us. I require as always at least a DAY of notice. Activities which are not SAFE are no longer on the menu ...meaning no FTT/showers, no spit play. Goddess Caprice

Omar & the Notes

One of my earliest memories of being different was being in 5th grade for Mrs. Warrens class.  I had a crush on this gorgeous Persian/middle eastern boy named Omar.  He was the popular boy most girls in my grade had a thing for but I was not as subtle in my crush like they were. I have always been better at communicating through writing but as many of you know the tone of the written word is IMPORTANT. I wrote something like a threatening letter saying that I liked him so much and he was going to be my boyfriend--whether he liked it or not.  I put it in his desk--in the early 90s the desks were open on the side that faces you and apparently it fell out--and/or she saw me put it there and was nosy and read it. She contacts my mom--who doesn't speak English--and brings in my cousin to translate... My crush is mom, sister, cousin--(and in my family that is enough to guarantee everyone in my family knows my business). It was very humiliating and infuriating--I knew

MARCH MADNESS // Spring 2020 Update!

Spring will soon be upon us and I just wanted to address a few topics: --Coronavirus & General Illness: NEVER force yourself to come do a session if you are not feeling 100%. I don't need to get sick and you should save your strength and see me when you can handle what I will dish out... until this is dealt with. PLEASE send any tribute you can via PayPal: IT is rough out here for those of us who cannot apply for unemployment insurance. I will mostly be doing cam or text sessions and seeing my regulars; I have always been a very clean and tidy person (Marie Kondo is bae)--but mostly have always been the germaphobe that has Mr. Slave Lysol the doorknobs and light switches on a regular basis. Also--I will be having a roommate again in April. As everyone is mostly going to be working from home, if by any chance you want to do a very low contact/service sesssion; I need PROPER notice to let them know to go out and make himself scarce for