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Omar & the Notes

One of my earliest memories of being different was being in 5th grade for Mrs. Warrens class.  I had a crush on this gorgeous Persian/middle eastern boy named Omar.  He was the popular boy most girls in my grade had a thing for but I was not as subtle in my crush like they were. I have always been better at communicating through writing but as many of you know the tone of the written word is IMPORTANT. I wrote something like a threatening letter saying that I liked him so much and he was going to be my boyfriend--whether he liked it or not.  I put it in his desk--in the early 90s the desks were open on the side that faces you and apparently it fell out--and/or she saw me put it there and was nosy and read it. She contacts my mom--who doesn't speak English--and brings in my cousin to translate... My crush is mom, sister, cousin--(and in my family that is enough to guarantee everyone in my family knows my business). It was very humiliating and infuriating--I knew

MARCH MADNESS // Spring 2020 Update!

Spring will soon be upon us and I just wanted to address a few topics: --Coronavirus & General Illness: NEVER force yourself to come do a session if you are not feeling 100%. I don't need to get sick and you should save your strength and see me when you can handle what I will dish out... until this is dealt with. PLEASE send any tribute you can via PayPal: IT is rough out here for those of us who cannot apply for unemployment insurance. I will mostly be doing cam or text sessions and seeing my regulars; I have always been a very clean and tidy person (Marie Kondo is bae)--but mostly have always been the germaphobe that has Mr. Slave Lysol the doorknobs and light switches on a regular basis. Also--I will be having a roommate again in April. As everyone is mostly going to be working from home, if by any chance you want to do a very low contact/service sesssion; I need PROPER notice to let them know to go out and make himself scarce for