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Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

I will be having super open availability for sessions while my roommate is out of town visiting his family;

December 23-27th & 30 January-Jan 3rd...

I can do sessions 24/7 and on the weekends. So extended sessions especially sessions in the evening are now available during this time only!

As always you can book a session by sending an email or texting: 347-766-9782

 As many of you know Instagram has become another example of how FOSTA/SESTA is affecting the internet by censoring anyone daring to be sexual on the internet.  I am going to be switching back to blogging more and doing videos on platforms like Only Fans, Niteflirt, etc. I am also pursuing crafty things like sewing and making resin jewelry and selling it on Etsy--I am becoming more comfortable with selling things on the internet.

My OF will be fun! I will be putting the sexy posts of my IG and compiling them in one place with flirty little descriptions and teasers. My PPV will be me doing stripteases and virtual sessions. I will be doing my Word of the Week, and making videos about my favorite cuckolds in film/tv. I am offering 40% off from December 21-

On NiteFlirt I will be selling photo sets (compilations of my former IG posts) chat sessions, making recordings, and other goodies. Stay Tuned!

It is my opinion that if you wanted internet to be free and accessible you would fight harder for the right for it...until then you will have to go to a platform that allows explicit material for a price.

Goddess Caprice

Goddess Caprice


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Digital Content: Photos & Videos

 I have been trying out OnlyFans recently and adding the vault of sexy photos from my Instagram and Fetlife and taking updated photos several times a week. From now until Valentine's Day I am doing $3 subscriptions for the first month ($5 a month) afterwards.

Back to Our Regular Domination Activities

Hi new pets and old worms who worship the ground I walk on! As many of you know back in December I moved out of my studio in Bed-Stuy,  which I had lived in for over 6 years.  I moved into an apartment where I had a roommate, and have been living there for the last six month, it was a little cramped and it was difficult to host certain types of sessions and scheduling while my roommate was home was difficult. Now I am back to living alone, and living in a very spacious loft and hosting sessions! I have a really nice utilitarian space I inherited, as all good apartments in Brooklyn go, it's about who you know! I do and have always enjoyed being in my own space being the Queen of my castle. I am available as I have always been with at least ONE DAY prior notice. TEXT 347-766-9782 EMAIL: Follow me on Instagram: @GoddessCaprice In-Call: 200 an hour plus extras Specialize in Facesitting, Smothering, FTT/GS/BS, Sissy Slut Training, Corporal

Hello.... Is there anyone out there?!

Hi pets, I am still and as always doing sessions--but my availability has now shifted and opened up SUNDAYS! Summer 2021 Availability Monday-Friday 9am-6:30 Weekends 9am-10pm with proper notice. I need at least a day's notice as I have a roommate--he usually comes home at 7pm. If you would like a session after 7pm or on the weekends I need notice and a DEPOSIT --asking my roommate to leave for x amount of time from his own home is inconvenient for him, so be mindful and realistic of what kind of session you are seeking. I am also vaccinated and have been since early April. I also am tested biweekly.   I do ask for anyone NOT vaccinated to please keep your mask on. If you have ANY symptoms please reschedule. Goddess Caprice