Lesson : Boundaries and Mutual Respect

 I try to be a graceful and professional Goddess...but sometimes a potential client shows me why I have to communicate my boundaries and what I expect from anyone wanting to book a session with me.

I expect for submissives to serve me and for the focus of the session to be on what I/them mutually enjoy, within the parameters and limits each of us has laid out and for those boundaries to be respected.  

My boundaries include--

-- Mutual Masking (during COVID-19 masks are a must!) If you are vaccinated or in line for vaccination, we can discuss this on a case by case basis dependent on the session...although I prefer to keep my mask on.

-- Sex & Nudity: 

I do not get naked. submissives get naked. CFNM is a turn on for me, I enjoy being dressed up while you are vulnerable and exposed.

Face sitting happens with panties on--I like this as a form of breath play and scent play. I am not interested in an oral sex slave...so my face sitting sessions are about my motives NOT your fantasies to be forced to eat ass and pussy.

Booking a session & Protocols:

My availability and my protocols are there to keep me safe. Not every person on the internet who finds you sexy has the best intentions, so I have my rules and protocols in order to vet and assure that this person understands the dynamics of serving a Dominatrix.   I want someone who knows how to follow directions, obey orders, and take responsibility for their shortcomings--not push my limits and ask for things that are not on the menu...

HARD LIMITS: I do not do blood play, adult/baby sessions, no age play, permanent marks/damage (castration, branding, cutting, etc), no kissing/sex etc.  I am not interested in anything personal so don't ask to be my boyfriend or thing that you can manipulate your way into sex. It's not going to happen. 

--If you tell me you have a hard limit--I will respect it.  

If you tell me you want a boundary pushed, I will test it.

If you are someone who seeks to book a session with a Dominatrix--make sure you understand that you are there to serve her...not for her to serve your fantasies.  There are other sex workers out there who could use your patronage but for myself--I want the subs fantasy to be to make me happy, to serve me, to be a tool for me...not vice versa where I am a tool to fulfill your fantasy--to me that is degrading and the patriarchy at play.  Instead of me being a in control and for us to have a dynamic based on mutual overlapping kinks/fetishes--you expect me to do what you like because this is how you imagined it? 

You have not only failed to ask me, a human, what I wanted and if I consented to your fantasy let alone be the object of it. You have disrespected me as a Dominant, you are making yourself the subject and making me the object when the entire dynamic is the inverse. You have breached a power boundary.

Don't get it twisted. You are here to serve me, not for me to fulfill your fantasy.

Those who are seeking a Goddess to serve versus making your fantasy come true at my personal cost, know the difference and they are welcome here.  I will respect your boundaries and limits and push those you seek pushed.  I will tease you mercilessly, but that is between consenting adults...not someone who just sees me as a way to get their nut off. 

Lesson is finished.

The classroom is now dismissed. 


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