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Happy Holidays! (HOW TO BOOK A SESSION!)

 As we get closer to the Winter Solstice and welcome the New Year, I wanted to start by saying that I hope everyone is still being safe.  I have been a Pro Domme for over ten years now! I am Goddess Caprice, and yet this aspect of myself remains on the sidelines in my personal and day to day interactions as I do not show up in the world as a Domme.       In the real world I am  an artist, a maker, a writer, a single forty-one year old woman, one who is happy being a single dog mom.   I am not interested in dating and or the lifestyle as my purpose is to be creative. That is why I am a Pro Domme, so that can I create and make things when I am not controlling, punishing, and teaching you worms lessons. It means that when you text or hit me last minute, without notice I am NOT able to FOCUS on my writing, my personal goals and ambitions.   I need at least 24 hour notice, prior to booking a session. I value my time, and I value what I do what that time... When booking a session: TEXT or EM

No Nut November

 I know some of you practice this, how is it going?  I would love to say that I am going to be good an not tease you, but I also know that is exactly what I am going to do. Did you know that I have been getting sweaty every morning and working out.  So not only am I getting stronger but my musk is as well. Have you come by to worship me lately? Have you been good?   Again I ask, how is no nut November going? From now until the end of  November I am having a 25% off the first month of my Only Fans!

A Couple thoughts on Clothes and Equipment

 I try to have and invest in my BDSM equipment, I understand that because of privacy concerns many kinksters do not have BDSM equipment/clothing around so as not to be discovered by a partner, family, etc.  I try to be as accommodating as possible even keeping/storing my regular's toys and play clothes whenever possible.   I often have clients donate or buy from my wishlist, but there are certain pieces that I feel are not my responsibility to have.  While I do have clothes for sissy sessions: I cannot stock every single style, size of a maid's uniform--if you have a specific outfit--it is YOUR responsibility to INVEST in your fetish--not for me to be buying clothes for you...that's not how this works. The same with some specialized equipment such as a chastity devices, these things go on your COCK and BALLS--not only is cleaning a job I shouldn't have to do, but it's like underwear--you should bring your own.  I also do not think that HOODS, and gags (especially si

Fall Schedule

 I know the topic du jour is COVID and the delta variant. I am just as concerned as the next gal, so what I am doing is only seeing vaccinated folks from now on.  Just like every bar in town you gotta show me that you are vaccinated. My availability is changing, I am hitting the gym most days before noon but will move my work out days around --prefer prior notice, especially before noon, last minute sessions are really hard to do--if I have a client, am out in Manhattan, at the gym etc it's hard to plan.  I need at least 1 day's notice. Monday-Sunday 9am-8pm $200 an hour incall BDSM only. No sex/nudity. Location: Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy Off the G train Classon Stop. Cross streets: Dekalb Ave & Taaffe Pl.

Monday Morale Boost

Todays vibe from some of you is that you don't know why you even bother with the daily grind of going to work at some job you hate and feel unappreciated at... You lack a purpose. You seek submission, and for many of you, I give your life meaning. You're welcome. Goddess Caprice. 

Hello.... Is there anyone out there?!

Hi pets, I am still and as always doing sessions--but my availability has now shifted and opened up SUNDAYS! Summer 2021 Availability Monday-Friday 9am-6:30 Weekends 9am-10pm with proper notice. I need at least a day's notice as I have a roommate--he usually comes home at 7pm. If you would like a session after 7pm or on the weekends I need notice and a DEPOSIT --asking my roommate to leave for x amount of time from his own home is inconvenient for him, so be mindful and realistic of what kind of session you are seeking. I am also vaccinated and have been since early April. I also am tested biweekly.   I do ask for anyone NOT vaccinated to please keep your mask on. If you have ANY symptoms please reschedule. Goddess Caprice

I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

As many of you know, I had cancer three years ago, and am technically still in remission. This comorbidity has allowed me to get my first COVID-19 vaccine shot on the 25th of February; I get my second dose on the 25th and then two weeks later I can safely session again like the old days, you will still have to wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated by then either. If you are still NOT vaccinated, please follow CDC guidelines, and schedule an appointment once you fully vaccinated if you do not want to wear a mask during the session. I am very excited to have my loyal subs and slaves serve me regularly and for me to be able to be as morbid and evil as I am used to being with some of my more extreme type sessions. It's also International Women's Day--if you haven't tributed already--I expect it today of all days--my PayPal is xoxo. Goddess Caprice

Digital Content: Photos & Videos

 I have been trying out OnlyFans recently and adding the vault of sexy photos from my Instagram and Fetlife and taking updated photos several times a week. From now until Valentine's Day I am doing $3 subscriptions for the first month ($5 a month) afterwards.

COVID-19 & Session updates

Due to the variants of the COVID virus, I will be mandating masks, encouraging double masks during session. I will be asking that you are recently tested as I am being tested regularly. This is why I ask for proper notice for an appointment.  I also only book ONE person a day, so I can clean properly. Goddess Caprice