A Couple thoughts on Clothes and Equipment

 I try to have and invest in my BDSM equipment, I understand that because of privacy concerns many kinksters do not have BDSM equipment/clothing around so as not to be discovered by a partner, family, etc.  I try to be as accommodating as possible even keeping/storing my regular's toys and play clothes whenever possible.  

I often have clients donate or buy from my wishlist, but there are certain pieces that I feel are not my responsibility to have.  While I do have clothes for sissy sessions: I cannot stock every single style, size of a maid's uniform--if you have a specific outfit--it is YOUR responsibility to INVEST in your fetish--not for me to be buying clothes for you...that's not how this works.

The same with some specialized equipment such as a chastity devices, these things go on your COCK and BALLS--not only is cleaning a job I shouldn't have to do, but it's like underwear--you should bring your own.  I also do not think that HOODS, and gags (especially since COVID) are a good idea to share especially in a Pro Domme environment.  I try to clean and sanitize as much as possible, and it is why I try not to do more than ONE session a day, but some of the things that clients expect me to be "stocked" with are unrealistic for me to be the one to buy a $400 leather hood for the one or two clients who might be into sensory deprivation--first, this item goes on your head and you are breathing in it, secondly, cleaning it is difficult if not impossible, third if this is YOUR fetish--you should consider investing in it.  Chastity devices are also specific to the cock and balls they are going to contain! I am not going to invest into a CB collection, when you should have done the trial and error that any serious chastity practitioner has had to endure to find the RIGHT device for them and their needs!

Just as I have invested in my outfits, clothes, and implements that I like to use, your favorites and absolutes should be something YOU invest in especially if it is an item that is going to be getting spit, pre-cum/cum, sweat and difficult to clean.  I am more than happy to hold and keep anything for future sessions. I do not use that equipment/clothes on anyone else, it is your PERSONAL PLAY STUFF.  

What I will not do is invest on niche kinks that are not sanitary or my responsibility.


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