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Happy Holidays! (HOW TO BOOK A SESSION!)

 As we get closer to the Winter Solstice and welcome the New Year, I wanted to start by saying that I hope everyone is still being safe. 

I have been a Pro Domme for over ten years now! I am Goddess Caprice, and yet this aspect of myself remains on the sidelines in my personal and day to day interactions as I do not show up in the world as a Domme.  

    In the real world I am an artist, a maker, a writer, a single forty-one year old woman, one who is happy being a single dog mom.   I am not interested in dating and or the lifestyle as my purpose is to be creative. That is why I am a Pro Domme, so that can I create and make things when I am not controlling, punishing, and teaching you worms lessons.

It means that when you text or hit me last minute, without notice I am NOT able to FOCUS on my writing, my personal goals and ambitions.  

I need at least 24 hour notice, prior to booking a session.

I value my time, and I value what I do what that time...

When booking a session: TEXT or EMAIL.

1. Name and a brief intro of yourself (age, looks, etc)

2. Availability--when you can come do your session

3. What you want in your session. 

4. Limits: What you don't want in your session

Most sessions are an HOUR ($200) and I do longer sessions ($500 for 3 hours...etc). 

The basic structure of it is:


a small brief chat before we get started

we do the session as discussed

we finish usually at release/time is up

--and do some review/aftercare when necessary.

I hope this clears things up. 

Goddess Caprice


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