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 Hey boogers, I just wanted to update y'all.  I have recently been taking up intentional habits, in order to make some changes in my life. Such as: I am sober, have been alcohol free since September. Still 420 friendly. I am no longer eating meat. I love the plant alternatives available these days and it's been great. I have a very strict schedule, where I try to plan things in 3 hour blocks.  These are my basic requirements:  24 Hour notice at least. 9am confirmation.  My 9am cue kicks off my day, if I don't hear from you by 9am I go about my day. These have been some of my protocols for YEARS and I am happy to say they have worked really well. Goddess Caprice

Happy New Years!

 The other day a new client/friend asked me what my fantasy is? Honestly, I currently only dream and fantasize about actualizing myself as an author and outside of BDSM as a career.   I love being a Professional Dominatrix, but because it is a profession and a job, it doesn't really translate well to my personal life.  I wish I could say that I fantasize about something kink related or in the realm of BDSM but it's been years since anyone tickled that fancy personally .  It that doesn't meant that I am not open to making YOUR fantasy happen.  That is kind of the an extent within the parameters of my boundaries. You have to tell me your fantasy and I will try to make it happen.  I find that as long as the boundaries and the dynamics between two people are right are what makes a scene happen and work well.  My fantasy or what I ideally want feels irrelevant unless your submissive desire is to clean my house while I write, and clean up after me when I paint. All the w