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April Schedule & Availability Updates!

I've been using the Available Now function on my Eros profile to indicate when I am available for same day sessions. I am usually available Monday thru Friday 9 am to 6 pm.  I just got confirmation that my roommate will be out of town the last two weekends of April and Memorial Day Weekend. 04/23 & 04/24 04/30 & 05/01 05/26 to 05/30 The evenings should open up as his partner returns mid-month.  All sessions now require a DEPOSIT of $50 Via PayPal or Cash App--too many chatty Charlies and not enough paying Petes. (except for my regulars because they are loyal minions who show up and can be counted on, they have earned it).

April Tributes

I have been an Independent Professional Dominatrix and Fetishist going on over a decade, hosting sessions in my studio when I first started to my current spacious LOFT. My hours are 9 to 6pm Monday thru Friday for in-call sessions. I do share the space with my male roommate, he works a 9-5 Monday- Friday making my availability contingent on when he is home. This was the best solution when the pandemic first hit a couple of years ago--I couldn't advertise, I was working actual jobs and even dealing with post-cancer monitoring.   He is often out of town or at his gfs so after 4/15 my availability will open up... ***Raise the TRIBUTE! I have kept my tribute at $200, if  you are going to be doing basic tame sessions that don't involve extras--for over a decade. It's 2022--there is inflation, and my experience, hosting, and so much that I bring to the table that I must raise my tribute for all new clients from today on... $300 an hour  $200 for half hour I will also REQUIRE a de