I have had a couple reviews posted online about the sessions people have had with me in the past.  I once got one and I didn't even realize that someone had posted it, until someone casually told me that is how they had heard about my amazing facesitting sessions I do...

Session in August 2013--Facesitting and smothering...

Session in 2011--Facesitting-by "Comfyface"

Have you had a session with me?  WRITE a review (below in the form of a comment).

Mistress Caprice Fellini


  1. Three hour NT session with Mistress Caprice on 9/29/13:

    Some time in the late August I was searching for a non-BDSM related keyword hash tag in Twitter from my 'normal' account and came across Mistress Caprice's tweet. Then looked at her profile and from there went to her blog -- read some of her blog posts and found it interesting.

    Since I had to book flights from Minneapolis to NYC just to session with her, I contacted her almost a month ahead of the session. I sent her an email explaining my interests and dislikes. She was nice and cordial throughout our email exchange.

    I confirmed her on the day before the session and went exactly 34 minutes late for the session, thanks to the delay in flight take-off.

    She made me wear a bra and a panty, spanked me 34 times, cropped me 34 times and my cock was also hit 34 times with the crop -- some hits were little hard that it made me to go to my knees. But she was laughing all the time.

    I did a miserable job in helping her put up the stockings -- by mistake tore a stocking and as a result got gagged by that. Then for almost more than 2 hours my nipples had to face her wrath - I was tied to a bed frame, she removed the bra I wore(I thought it would act as a shield) and my nipples were pinched, pulled, squeezed, twisted and she dug her nails into them. All the while I was whining, squirming, wriggling and begging through the gagged stocking but she never stopped because of that.

    Also she sat on my face and chest for a while and her musky scent was so intoxicating - I could have stayed there for hours. By the time we finished my nipples had become so sore and tender.

    They were literally burning for 2 days after the session, in fact I took a day off from my work and stayed in my apartment without a shirt on. It took about 1 week for the pain to go away completely. It was truly a memorable session and I cannot thank her enough for giving me such beautiful memories.

    Hope to see her some time soon.

    - John

  2. Mistress Caprice - A Wonderful Dominatrix

    I had an excellent session today with Mistress Caprice.

    What initially attracted me to her profile was her intelligence, experience, and good looks. And these qualities came across quite effectively in person. She was intuitive, real, had a good sense of how to read my body and responses, and was able to nicely encompass the various acts, roles, and fetishes I had expressed an interest in.

    At the same time Mistress Caprice's authentic sadism came through - which is always essential to me. She laughed at me when funny things happened and clearly enjoyed hurting me at times.

    The logistics of her space were also quite appealing. I prefer a private setting as opposed to a dungeon as it reinforces a sense of reality. Parking was plentiful and mass transit access is easy.

    5 crops up!

  3. Hi,

    Thought I'd share a poem inspired by my sessions with Mistress Caprice. I would highly recommend booking a session with her! She is masterful at the jouissance of tease and denial. Oscillating between being smothered then straining to be a hair's breadth from her exquisite form kept me insufferably on edge the whole session. Writing this review and looking over this poem has me straining against my cage and longing to breathe in her heady scent again.

    Anyhoo, here's the poetry. Hope you enjoy:

    my penis, a tiny thing indeed

    when you put my cock in a lock
    and stared into my slate blue eyes
    i quivered
    and a trickle ran down my thighs

    under your boot and heel a squeeze
    pressed down and flattened like grilled cheese
    i gasped
    and muffled sounds escaped round my gag

    soaked panties wrapped round my head
    the gift of your lover's seed my daily bread
    i moaned
    and lapped at that musky manna from my madonna

    face now planted between your cheeks
    my penis, a tiny thing indeed leaks
    i squeaked
    a mouse buried in your perfect honeytrap

  4. It's fair to say I was nervous to see Mistress Caprice Fellini for our session. I had bared my kinky soul to her was both anxious and excited to see what would be the outcome. As I stood in the vicinity of where she was located, I sweated bullets (from nervousness and the heat) while texting her that I was at the location and ready. The response came and I walked down the street, pensively wondering if I was prepared for what was the come. I wasn't.
    When Mistress Caprice opened the door, the first thing that struck me were her eyes. If there was ever a person to use the hyperbole of "being lost in their eyes" on, it would be Mistress Caprice. Through them, simultaneously demanded respect and oozed sensuality.
    She invited me to sit, so we could discuss what I wanted and, more importantly, why I desired it. A sly grin came across her face as she stated she knew exactly what she wanted to do to me.
    I stripped down, now bearing my physical and emotional self to Mistress Caprice and she asked me to kneel before her. With me, this is something that just feels right to me. It's something that just bites at my soul, that I am there to serve and worship my superiors. With Mistress Caprice, that feeling was magnified to an exponential level. As I began to kiss and adore her angelic feet, I slipped into my rightful mind of worship.
    One thing I highly enjoy is being forced to take in the scent of a woman, to intoxicate myself on their natural fragrance. After worshipping her feet, Mistress Caprice used her scent to send me into a frenzy of desire. Binding my privates and hands, she gagged my mouth to cut off my taste, blindfolded me to take my vision so I would be focused on touch, voice and smell. She lowered herself on my face and allowed me to smell her most cherished and scented areas, tantalizing me with comments on how long it had been since she had washed away her natural perfume. Consumed into her rear, she teased at my areas, all the while pushing my nose deeper and deeper into her posterior, to make sure I smelled nothing but what she let me. She promised that I would begin to equate any pleasure to myself with her ass and she did not lie.
    After an hour of overloading my senses, she removed the restraints, at least the physical ones. I still feel trapped in her web 12 hours later.
    The experience, most of which I choose to keep private, was something that will haunt my dreams for months, maybe years. I can say that I regret one thing though. I wish I had the ability to spend even longer serving Mistress Caprice. I truly can't wait until I am graced with her presence again. Thank you so much for the experience.


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