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UPDATE: Summer Availability

 Hi pets and worms, The roommate is moving out tomorrow and I could not be more excited! The pandemic made it impossible for me to see my pets and worms, and thus I had to take in a roommate. It was necessary but brought about many challenges and changes that I know are for the best. I, for one now have a regular nine to five, and a side hustle sewing--as I love to make things it's satisfying. I am hoping that living alone will allow me to return seeing my loyal regulars and select clientele in the future as I will be able to host sessions now with more open availability.  As of next week I am available by appointment only:  Monday to Sunday 9am-9pm 347-766-9782 (text) I look forward to hurting and teasing you into a frenzy. Goddess Caprice

Back to Our Regular Domination Activities

Hi new pets and old worms who worship the ground I walk on! As many of you know back in December I moved out of my studio in Bed-Stuy,  which I had lived in for over 6 years.  I moved into an apartment where I had a roommate, and have been living there for the last six month, it was a little cramped and it was difficult to host certain types of sessions and scheduling while my roommate was home was difficult. Now I am back to living alone, and living in a very spacious loft and hosting sessions! I have a really nice utilitarian space I inherited, as all good apartments in Brooklyn go, it's about who you know! I do and have always enjoyed being in my own space being the Queen of my castle. I am available as I have always been with at least ONE DAY prior notice. TEXT 347-766-9782 EMAIL: Follow me on Instagram: @GoddessCaprice In-Call: 200 an hour plus extras Specialize in Facesitting, Smothering, FTT/GS/BS, Sissy Slut Training, Corporal