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March Madness brings April Tribute Raises.

 If you haven't taken advantage of my March Madness sale, I suggest you do... Starting April 1st, tribute rates will be going up for NEW CLIENTS. $200 will be the base rate for any session up to 30 minutes. $300 an hour add a $150 for every half hour after that. The raise in tribute prices is to offset the costs of advertising on Eros guide, raising cost of electricity,  rent, supplies and the fact I have not raised prices in over TEN years!  Inflation going up 7% coupled with the slow dwindling of clients after my ovarian cancer battle (2017-2022), has not made the past years easy, and I do not make this decision lightly. REGULARS: For my LOYAL regulars, who have been with me since the beginning or have seen me through the pandemic in the past TWO years--the current rate is grandfathered in as they say.  I cannot express my appreciation for your loyalty and support during the past couple years of madness--thus this does not apply to you. Which is why I suggest NO matter who you ar